Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Claire Petrie - The One (2015)

Claire Petrie - The One (2015)
To say music comes naturally to Claire Petrie might require some degree of genetic or scientific proof. But to say it flows naturally from her is as tangible as a blazing fire on the hearth: One listen and you’ll want to cozy up for more.

Country music fans will soon have the chance to listen. Claire records for Playback Records and just put the finishing touches on a brand new CD that showcases the full spectrum of her vocal versatility. She’s on a musical mission to bring passion and purpose to the musical genre she loves.

Claire can’t remember a time when music didn’t play an integral part in her life. She was born to musical parents who instilled a love of melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme deep within her. “My mom was a classical pianist and my dad was very bluesy on the piano,” she remembers fondly. “They passed down their love of music to us.” Claire’s mom was also an accomplished drummer.

When she was 15, her parents formed a family band and took all six of their children on tour. That trial by fire exposure helped Claire hone her on-stage persona that now makes her a must-see performer.

It was also during that time of touring with her family that Claire crafted what has become her signature sound. She boasts an impressive vocal range that pushes the boundaries of both ends of the musical scale. From her soaring upper register to the rich, bluesy undercurrent of her lower range, Claire Petrie punctuates every song she sings with personality. She can belt out an up-tempo tune with a rare combination of power and precision. But it’s her uncanny control when she pours her soul into a ballad that holds the listener spellbound and on the edge of their seat. “I LOVE ballads,” Claire says with conviction. “They’re a huge part of Country music. I’m a words person and I connect with the message – the story – of a good ballad.”

That love for words comes across convincingly in Claire’s songwriting, too. She writes about real topics that affect people of every imaginable circumstance. She manages to marry sharp, carefully crafted lyrics with memorable melodies that’ll make you want to sing along. Her songwriting approach cuts to the core of a subject, never glossing over a point she needs to make. That rare style of lyrical genius is generally rooted in the soul of someone who embraces life with gusto and who has learned to celebrate both its triumphs and tragedies.

When you consider all that encompasses Country music, Claire’s genuine charm, warm wit and passion for people only enhances the genre.