Monday, 13 October 2014

High Valley

High Valley - County Line (2014)

Canadian pop country trio High Valley is made up of brothers Brad, Bryan and Curtis Rempel. The brothers grew up on a farm in the remote rural community of La Crete, Alberta where it seemed there was always a lot of country music being played, and the brothers quickly absorbed it, forming High Valley before any of them was even a teenager. The young band played wherever they could, often at church camps, eventually working their way up to open for country stars who toured through, all while still attending school and holding down part-time jobs. They recorded for the first time in Nashville in 2001 and released a debut album, the self-titled High Valley, on Open Road Records in the fall of 2010.

Kira Isabella - Caffeine & Big Dreams (2014)

Kira Isabella - Caffeine & Big Dreams (2014)
Isabella will likely get the ingenue label thrown at her — after all, she's only 21 — but she's been doing this a long, long time. She's been playing guitar, writing songs and performing since she was seven, and left her hometown of Ottawa for Nashville as a teenager. Her debut album, Love Me Like That, came out in 2011 and she's already opened for Carrie Underwood.

Caffeine & Big Dreams should push Isabella to the next level, and her timing couldn't be better, what with fellow upstarts like Kacey Musgraves and Lindi Ortega making a splash, and Taylor Swift breaking up with country music, leaving a giant hole in the Nashville scene. In fact, we're so sure that this is Isabella's time to shine, CBC Music recently kicked off its Next Big Thing series by profiling her.  

Monday, 6 October 2014

Matt Hillyer - If These Old Bones Could Talk (2014

Matt Hillyer, also known as “Matt the Cat” and as the leader of Dallas-based and beloved Honky-Tonk band Eleven Hundred Springs is, rather simply, an artist. Few artists stick to a single, narrow path as they wander, viewing things in a philosophically unique way than many non-artist types might.

With the release of Hillyer’s debut solo album, the Lloyd Maines-produced If These Bones Could Talk, we get to see a new side to Hillyer’s country-gold vision, but to be clear, his solo foray isn’t the end of Eleven Hundred Springs, which was formed in 1998, nor is it the death of the rockabilly-flavored Matt the Cat Trio. Hillyer as a solo artist with a fresh group of players, including some buddies from Eleven Hundred Springs, is merely a fascinating, new chapter to a musical life that’s never been conventional, and isn’t going to be anytime soon.

With 11 new songs, all written or co-written by HIllyer except for his rocking, stomping cover of the Everly Brothers’ classic the “Price of Love,” a rare occurrence has taken place. The leader of a popular, established band has branched out to go on a personal, musical vision quest, and has come back with a sound that satisfies on all levels. In some ways, These Old Bones resembles the stone-cold country of his band, but the new collection has increased the sonic value of everything he’s affiliated with, thanks to spreading his tattooed, whiskey-soaked wings a bit.
The notion for a solo record came from a wonderfully personal spot that’s as honest as it is meaningful to Hillyer.

“I was very close with my Grandmother, he says. “She was always pushing me to do it. She loved Eleven Hundred Springs, but she really wanted me to make something with my name on it. So, over the years, it started to seem like a good idea as I did more solo acoustic shows. It also seemed like a good idea for me to have a CD of my own to sell at some of those shows. Then when these songs started to come out in my writing, I really wanted to make this happen.”

While cuts such as “Home is Where the Heartbreak Is” certainly recalls a familiar Buck Owens-esque brightness and “Try Not to Take it So Hard” has the classic Texas Tornadoes playfulness some of Eleven Hundred Springs best tunes boast, one listen to “Dancing With the Moon,” a smooth, soft romancer of a tune, and it’s clear Hillyer’s found another gear of country storytelling that is only the beginning of a new era for him, whether it’s solo, as a trio or leading “Eleven Hondo.” The same can be said for the begging-to-be-two stepped-to “I Still Have a Lot of Falling Left To Go,” as it’s gentle fiddle leads Hillyer through a piano-twinkling sawdust shuffler that doesn’t kick the footlights as hard as some of his other band’s best tunes do.

Hillyer acknowledges the similarities between his past band-related works, but highlights the differences in a manner that’s clear with drama-free simplicity.

“To me it always boils down to the material, he says. “I know there are songs on this album that I would not have put on an Eleven Hundred Springs album. Even the songs that would fit like a glove on an Eleven Hundred Springs album are, for the most part, rooted in very personal places. When the collection of these songs started to really come together it became apparent to me that the majority of them felt like something I was trying to say independent of a group.”

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jo Burt"Indestructible"2014

Jo Burt - Indestructible (2014)
Jo Burt is an English songwriter, storyteller, singer and guitar player possibly best known for his incredible history working with musical legends such as Freddie Mercury, The Troggs and Black Sabbath over the past 40 years. The last few years have seen Jo making a name in his own right with his project 'The Jo Burt Experience'. Originally created as a songwriting development tool, in the last three years the band have become an outstanding live act playing festivals and venues around the UK, Europe and North America.

The Sunny Cowgirls"My Old Man" 2014

Sunny Cowgirls - My Old Man (2014)
THE SUNNY COWGIRLS have delivered their seventh album with a collection of carefully selected covers paying tribute to paternal figures across the country.

Their new release ‘MY OLD MAN’ will be unveiled nationally on Friday 29th August 2014.

Produced by the singer/songwriter sister duo that make up THE SUNNY COWGIRLS, SOPHIE and CELESTE CLABBURN have ensured the album showcased the country siblings’ musical influences and songs that have stood the test of time… and resonated with fathers all over!

The eclectic song choice gives an insight into the sisters’ musical upbringing and the many influences that have shaped their successful recording and touring career thus far.

They are without question, one of the most in demand country acts in Australia and continue to bring their unique and unashamedly Australian sound to audiences across the county.

Freely admitting the album recordings are also a personal tribute to their own father, Sophie and Celeste said, "Our Dad is a huge inspiration to us and our music. He brought us up on these songs, and taught us what good music was. Our style is very similar to his! We would jam with him as kids and a lot of those old songs ended up on this record! It's our little way of saying "thank you" for teaching us. I think most Dads will find something they love on this album… and Mums too, because we love our Mum!"

Don McLean to John Williamson, Paul McCartney to Joy McKean and only enhanced further by the likes of Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan and Burt Bacharach to name just a few, the underlying tone of this album is recognising great songwriters domestically and internationally.

Of course, SOPHIE and CELESTE bring their own style and sound to these iconic songs like only they can. Like the songs, you recognise their voices and sound as THE SUNNY COWGIRLS without even having to ask.

This album, though their seventh, is the first time THE SUNNY COWGIRLS have taken on the role of Producer, a new territory that they welcomed.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pawn Shop Gold

This is the band's sophomore studio effort, following their 2012 release (Pretty Enough - EP). This album was written in its entirety by members of the band, and is a songwriter/americana driven record with a couple of mid-tempo rockers along the way.

Pawn Shop Gold formed in early 2011 after frontman, Jason Bednorz, released his debut solo album (What You Never Said). In February of 2011, after Jason had played a string of happy hour gigs at Billy's Ice in New Braunfels, venue owner, Nick Sisoian, told Bednorz he was booking him a headlining gig on April 28th, and he'd better have a band by then. The rest is history.

The band was made up of a group of guys that Jason had met during his time in San Marcos, and the band's name comes from the first cover song that they learned...a Slaid Cleaves and Rod Picott tune called Broke Down. The opening line is "Sherry had a pawn shop band of gold..."

Waylon Speed

Waylon Speed - Kin (2014)
Waylon Speed was created by Noah Crowther, Reverend Chad Hammaker, Kelly Ravin and Justin Crowther after playing together at a local honky-tonk in Burlington, Vermont. Three days and one practice later, Waylon Speed was born. By instilling each band members individual musical influence, they have created a genre all of it’s own. Named after the Rev. Chad Hammaker’s son, Waylon, THE BAND is a family owned and operated enterprise. Waylon Speed will be releasing their second full-length record Kin on April 29th, 2014 followed by a full national tour. They have offered support for large-name outfits. Waylon Speed is not influenced by mainstream music. They write, release and distribute their music independently. 

Dulcie Taylor

Dulcie Taylor - Only Worn One Time (2014)
Dulcie Taylor's foray into the music business could have turned out far differently if she had continued to pursue her first love, the ukulele. Fortunately for fans of her guitar and dulcimer work and vocals, Taylor's ukulele dreams were smashed -- literally -- when she saw her beloved instrument crumpled to pieces beneath a drunken teenager's behind when he unwittingly sat on it. For a ten-year-old, it was a hard way to see a dream die. But in hindsight, a grown-up Taylor sees the ignominious demise of her ukulele as something of a blessing in disguise. The loss led her mother to present her with a guitar as a Christmas gift and Taylor went on to pursue the new, larger instrument with the same fervor she had previously reserved for the ukulele. MORE THAN A decade later, Taylor is putting out CDs and winning awards for her songs. Other Side of the Bed, a self-released recording, took home a Wammie, presented by the Washington Area Music Association, in 2000. That same year, in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, five Taylor-penned numbers won awards. At North Carolina's Merlefest the following year in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest, Taylor placed among the finalists. In addition, she performed for the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest's ceremony, as well as at Merlefest. Taylor continued to build a strong catalog with subsequent albums Diamond & Glass (2002), Mirrors and Windows (2004), Free of this Sorrow (2012), and Only Worn One Time (2014). The South Carolina native was based in Los Angeles for a period. In California, she performed as an opener for a long list of artists, including Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Lee Lewis, Asleep at the Wheel, Vern Gosdin, and Eddy Raven. She later settled in Washington, D.C., but it's her early life in South Carolina that helps infuse her songs with magic, causing critics to rave about her keen understanding of the human heart and small-town living. During her childhood, Taylor was surrounded by music. She took lessons and her relatives were positive role models. An aunt was a radio singer in their small town, while another aunt was a piano teacher. Overlying it all was the recorded music favored by different family members. Her sister grooved to the Beatles and Bob Dylan, while her mom's eclectic tastes spanned everything from Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, to the hip Ella Fitzgerald, to the hip-swiveling Elvis. Show tunes captivated another relative. Taylor absorbed it all, including Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade," a haunting melody that her mom would make sure played after every screening in the movie theater the family owned. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ags will PLAY a headline show at The Blue Lamp in Aberdeen, Scotland on 24th October 2014.

Ags will PLAY a headline show at The Blue Lamp in Aberdeen, Scotland on 24th October 2014.

The show is being promoted by Almost Blue Promotions, who have previously promoted artists like Sam Baker, Madison Violet and THE PRODUCER of Ags’ album ‘How About Now’, Dean Owens.

Tickets are £8 in advance or £10 on the door. More info and ticket details can BE FOUND at the Almost Blue website.

Ags Connolly is a traditional country singer-songwriter from West Oxfordshire in the UK. Country is the simplest description, but Ags is a proud supporter of Dale Watson’s ‘Ameripolitan’ movement, which supports new music with a roots influence, away from THE MODERN incarnation of country that exists today

Ags’s influences come essentially from hardcore country like David Allan Coe, Johnny CASH, Johnny Paycheck, Robert Earl Keen and Chris Knight. However, he also takes major non-country influences from the likes of Loudon Wainwright III and Ron Sexsmith.

Ags’ debut album ‘How About Now’, produced by Dean Owens, was released on Drumfire RECORDS IN February 2014, receiving rave reviews

Friday, 18 July 2014


Kirsten Daugaard kommer fra Kristiansand, har sunget “så lenge hun kan huske“, men har tidligere kun hatt tilfeldige opptredener, da familien har hatt førsteprioritet.
Sammen med Ole Morten Andersen fra Lillesand startet Kirsten duoen «Six o’clock news» våren 2012. Dette resulterte både i spillejobber samt CD’en “Ready for the times to get better“ som lokalt fikk mye positiv omtale.
Ved utgangen av 2012, valgte de to imidlertid å oppløse duoen, og Kirsten fortsetter nå som soloartist, hun har med seg Bengt Vagle som gitarist og vokalist på enkelte låter. Samt at Kirsten også opptrer for seg selv enkelte ganger.
Kirsten har en særegen stemme, og en musikalsk innlevelse som fasinerer lytteren,
noe som har resultert i radiospilling i en rekke land. Responsen har vært god og positiv.

2013 har vært et innholdsrikt år for Kirsten, hun har hatt en rekke oppdrag rundt om i Norge og arrangørlisten vokser i rask tempo. Å få være med Arne Benoni og åpne hovedsenen på Vinstra countryfestival var høydepunktet for Kirsten, sett alle konserter under ett i 2013.
Opptreden med Highway Connection på bransjefest i Sandefjord må også nevnes.

Samarbeid med Arne Benoni som produsent har i 2013 resultert i Kirsten`s første solo album som nå er kommet ut. Vokalen er spilt inn hos Arne Benoni recording studio i Sandefjord, musikk og kor er innspilt i Nashville T.N
Albumet har Kirsten valgt å kalle COUNTRY MUSIC MY WAY, denne tittelen er valgt på grunn av at albumet inneholder 12 låter som dekker de fleste sjangere innen country som Kirsten sammen med sin produsent Arne Benoni har tolket på sin måte.

2014 ser ut som et nytt spennende år for Kirsten Daugaard, opptre med fullt band på festivaler i inn og utland med låter fra sitt nye album.
8 dager i mai var ho på countryklubber i Danmark , Som og resulterte i tvopptak

Kirsten Daugaard er en country artist som kommer til å bli lagt merke til fremover med sin opptreden og stemme som får gode tilbakemeldinger fra både arrangører og ett stadig voksende publikum i alle aldre

Kirsten Daugaard satser 100% på artist karrieren og jobber hele tiden med å utvikle seg som vokalist og artist.

Kirsten kan bookes som enkel artist, som duo med sin gitarist Bengt Vagle og også med fullt band ved behov

For kontakt, vennligst ring manager Jan Daugaard på telefon: +47 91581467
Kjøp musikken her
Kirssten kan også nås på

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Laila Hansen fra Eydehavn øst for Arendal.

Laila Hansen fra Eydehavn øst for Arendal. Vokste opp med sang og musikk, og en far som spilte på de fleste Instrumenter. I en alder av 10 spilte hun offentlig på et Røde Kors-arrangement hjemme. Senere i ungdommen hun opptrådte litt med Sørlands trubadur heter Knutta, hun drev også aktivt friidrett i ungdomsårene som tok mesteparten av tiden hennes. Hun kom tilbake til musikk i voksen alder, og det var spesielt countrymusikk som var hennes hjerte nærmest. I den fant hun mange sjangere fra pop, rock, jazz og tradisjonell. Hun ventet lenge og var beskjeden til å slippe en cd, men endelig sluppet sin debut cd "Never Again" i 2003 på initiativ fra venner og bekjente. Hun hadde egentlig ikke  noen planer med det, men det viste seg at det ville bli godt mottatt av publikum

Albumet Never Again" kan du kjøpe her
11 år er gått siden siste plateutgivelse ” Never Again ” en plate som ble veldig godt mottatt og som fortsatt selger bra og blir spilt mye på radio i Norge og i utlandet.
reiste da til Nashville i Tennessee for å leve ut drømmen: litt av en sjanse å ta når man drar til USA for å spille inn en plate for egen regning. 
- Men jeg gjør ikke dette for pengenes skyld, sier Laila.
- Jeg liker å glede folk og det er mye av drivkraften bak det jeg holder på med, legger hun til. Og selv om sangen ikke er levebrødet hennes, står oppgavene i kø for countrtartisten. Plateinnspilling i countryens mekka"From Nashville Whith love". Med seg på laget hadde hun produsenter og teknikker med mer enn 40 års erfaring, samt noen av Amerikas og Nashville’s beste musikere.
Hele produksjonen er utført i Nashville utenom trykk som er gjort her hjemme.
Denne kan dere bestille hoss Laila på FB INNBOX

Skal spille::26. juli kl. 19:00 Øyne Camping i Fyresdal
                16. august kl. 22:00 8Th Avenue i Vanse, Norway
                1 November Countryvenner Rødding Danmark

Nytt Album Trond Tollin - Breaking in a New Heart (CD)

Trond Tollin - Breaking in a New Heart (CD)

Bra album: Trond Tollin fra Trondheim, kommer nå med sitt første album med tittelen «Breaking In A New Heart»April/mai 2014 reiste Trond Tollin til Nashville TN for å spille inn sitt nye album. 

Trond har med seg produsentene Tommy Holland, og Mark Moseley, som bla, har vært med på å produsere artister som Vince Gill, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton m.fl.

Mark Moseley som også er tekniker har også i sin tidligere karriere vært et medlem av selveste Bucaroos. «Breaking In A New Heart» består av 10 håndplukkete låter, en coverlåt og ni originallåter som ikke tidligere er utgitt

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Austin Wahlert "Dirt Road Blues"2014

Austin Wahlert - Dirt Road Blues (2014)
Austin Wahlert could not think of a better time to release his new album - Dirt Road Blues. Wahlert's roots run deep in the rodeo and the western lifestyle so it was fitting that the new album would include songs such as "Las Vegas Gold." 

Growing up on a ranch in Northern Colorado Offered this talented young singer / songwriter the opportunity two experience a true western lifestyle. The cowboy way of life has been etched into his spirit and continues to be an influential part of his singing and songwriting. The new album is no exception. You can expect heartfelt lyrics and music from a man who is dedicated to country music at its finest.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Kentucky Headhunters

The Kentucky Headhunters - Snapshot: Kentucky Headhunters
The Kentucky Headhunters created a hybrid of honky tonk, blues, and Southern rock that appealed to fans of both rock and country music. The origins of The Kentucky Headhunters lie in 1968, when Fred and Richard Young began playing together with their cousins Greg Martin and Anthony Kenney at the Youngs' grandmother's house. Mark Orr also later joined them. The first incarnation of the band was called the Itchy Brothers, and the group played together informally for over a decade. After about 13 years, the bandmembers began launching separate careers: Richard Young went off to write songs for Acuff-Rose, while Fred Young began touring with country beauty Sylvia. Martin became a member of Ronnie McDowell's band, while Kenney dropped out of music. In 1985, Martin decided to reassemble the Itchy Brothers. When Kenney declined to rejoin the group, Martin remembered Doug Phelps, whom he had met while on tour with McDowell. Phelps joined the new project, which was named The Kentucky Headhunters. Besides Martin and Phelps, the band also included the Young brothers and Doug's brother Ricky Lee Phelps.

The Headhunters started playing twice monthly on the Chitlin' Show, a radio program on WLOC Munfordville, Kentucky. From these 90-minute performances, The Headhunters built up a following. They sent an eight-song demo to Mercury, and soon after, the label signed the group. The original demo tape was remixed, and became the basis of the band's first album, 1989's Pickin' On Nashville, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews upon its release and quickly became a hit. "Dumas Walker" reached number 15 in the spring of 1990, followed by the group's biggest hit, the number six "Oh, Lonesome Me." In 1991, The Headhunters released their second effort, Electric Barnyard. The album received mixed reviews, couldn't muster a single, and sold weakly. In summer 1992, the Phelps brothers left the group to form Brothers Phelps, a more traditional country group. The remaining Headhunters brought ex-Itchy Brothers Anthony Kenney and Mark Orr to the group, and the rehashed lineup released Rave On! in 1993. The album marked a progression toward bluesy Southern rock, which came to fruition with That'll Work later that same year. In 1996, Doug returned on lead vocals, and a year later, the band issued Stompin' Grounds. Songs From the Grass String Ranch followed in 2000, and Soul appeared in spring 2003. Big Boss Man was released in 2005 and Flying Under the Radar in 2006, both from CBUJ Entertainment. Dixie Lullabies, the group's 12th album, and their first studio recording of new original material since 2003, appeared from Red Dirt Records in 2011. ~Biography by Johnny Loftus

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scott Dawson - 80 Miles To Nashville (2014)

Scott Dawson - 80 Miles To Nashville (2014)
This is the 3rd CD release from traditional country artist Scott Dawson. He is elated to have the opportunity to release yet another collection of original country songs. Recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio with the city's most polished session musicians, "80 Miles To Nashville" reclaims the heavy pedal steel/ twin fiddles combo that seems to be lost on today's country radio. His first 2 releases, "Dedicated Man" and "Many Years From Now" have received generous airplay worldwide and this new release promises to do the same. 2012 saw Scott perform his song "Sacred Circle" (A Grand Ole Opry Tribute) on RFD-TV's "Shotgun Red Variety Show" which is seen in approximately 1.2 million homes. His dream is to someday sing this song on the Grand Ole Opry. "80 Miles To Nashville" is Scott's bold new effort to reclaim country music's roots with songs ranging from a heartbroke fool to a single dad attending his only daughter's wedding. You won't be disappointed when you pop this CD .

Friday, 27 June 2014

Brushville - Brushville (2014)

Brushville - Brushville (2014)
Brushville is INTENSE…they are EXPLOSIVE…think matches and barrels of gasoline…with an unrelenting pressure on the audience of high energy…Brushville has been igniting stages all over the Midwest for the past 4 years. Being sought out by the BIGGEST and BEST events that the industry has to offer, including Chicago’s COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL, COUNTRY FEST and COUNTRY THUNDER in Wisconsin…as well as premiere venues like, 2 Time ACM NIGHT CLUB OF THE YEAR WINNER, JOE’S BAR in Chicago, Illinois and SPINNAKER BEACH CLUB in Panama City Beach, FL for SPRING BREAK!!

To prove just how much of an impact Brushville can have, they decided to enter the BATTLE FOR THE SADDLE at Nashville, Tennessee’s legendary WILDHORSE SALOON in early 2012. Out of the over 300 national bands that entered, Brushville came out on top and was selected the winner by a panel of top industry professionals including Michael Knox (the man credited with “discovering” talents such as Jason Aldean, John Rich and Gretchen Wilson).

To further add to Brushville’s resume…they have shared the stage with some of Country Music’s MEGA-STARS including:

Brushville blends five extremely talented musicians, with incredible harmonies, an explosive stage show and a fresh, dynamic sound produced by an array of instruments to create an unforgettable experience for the audience. Brushville has been expanding their assault throughout the nation and is sure to be lighting up your area very shortly.

Joshua Scott Jones - The Healing (2014)

Joshua Scott Jones - The Healing (2014)
Joshua Scott Jones, best known as one half of the country duo Steel Magnolia, released his debut solo album, The Healing, on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. The 11-track release is a collection of well written songs that reflect upon his journey over the past few years in an honest, personal and emotional way. Joshua wrote or co-wrote all eleven tracks as well as executive produced the record. He has said, “This has been a long time coming for me,” he said. “I feel like it’s really a chance for my voice to be heard.”

The Healing starts off with “Honk (If You’re Tonky),” but don’t think that this song sets the tone for the remainder of the album. The songs, especially on the back half of the record, really touch an emotional nerve and require one to listen to the lyrics to experience the impact of the songs.

Throughout the album, Joshua’s warm vocals touch on a variety of themes. Love and relationships are the focus of songs such as “City of Angels,” with its subtle fiddle and mandolin, “You & I,” “Rearview” and “Lover Let Me Show You My Heart,” which has a terrific old school country sound.

Piano and fiddle set the mood for “Just How A Heart Breaks” which was written at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, TN, where Jones completed his stay in rehab. “It wasn’t all a waste/’Cause we really know now/Just how a heart breaks.”

Of course there are up tempo numbers too, like the bluesy “Tennessee Blue” and the can’t get it out of your head “Whiskey Anthem” in which a relationship ends and he decides “Life’s too short its not worth the fight anymore/Don’t care what she said gonna paint this town red/Light it up like a star spangled night/Gonna call all my friends/Get lost all weekend/In a whiskey stompin’ goodbye lullaby.”

The album closes with the title track, “The Healing.” A powerful ballad that touches the heart and mind through the atmosphere the melody provides and Joshua’s delivery. “That spark in our eyes/That God was revealing/May the hurt that we’re feeling/Lead to the healing.”

I actually surprised myself by how much I liked this album. Seek out, give a listen and purchase The Healing.

Micah Lathrop - Revival (2014)

Micah Lathrop - Revival (2014)
Born and raised in Chester, SC, population of around 5,500 people, Micah's church played a huge role in his life. Along with that, came the gospel and Christian Hymns which shaped his musical taste. He was always very inspired by the more complex, story-telling writers like Rich Mullin and in Micah's songs, you will hear a touch of that influence, as well as some southern rock, country and a bit of a Cajun style . 

As he got into his teen years and was introduced to more modern and secular music, he filled his days exploring every kind of music he could find. Once he discovered Aerosmith, despite a burn injury as a child that nearly cost him his right leg, he taught himself to play the drums. He also wrote his first song, "Travelin' Man" at about that time, and his been writing ever since. He knew from then on, becoming a successful musician was his dream and he has been working hard to reach that dream ever since.

In the Fall of 2011, Micah and his wife, Andi, moved to Columbus, Ohio and started performing on weekends together at different venues calling themselves Grapefruit Moon. Soon after, Micah was working at his job when he met their current drummer, Benjamin Premer. Shortly after that, they added the forth member, bass player Rob Trimmer to Grapefruit Moon, as well, and have been working hard to create even more amazing music.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Willie Nelson - Band of Brothers (2014)

Willie Nelson - Band of Brothers (2014)
The much-anticipated successor To All The Girls... (which became Willie's first Top 10 album in more than three decades when it was released in October 2013) Band of Brothers is the artist's first album of predominately new original material in nearly two decades, debuting the master tunesmith's first major batch of newly-penned songs since his Spirit album in 1996. "I got on kind of a writing kick," Willie Nelson said recently, "it's good to be writing again."

The influential songwriter--whose early successes brought pop and country together with unforgettable standards like "Crazy" (Patsy Cline), "Hello Walls" (Faron Young), "Funny How Time Slips Away" (Billy Walker), "Night Life" (Ray Price) and many others--has added nine new essential songs to his classic catalog. One of Willie's most personal albums to-date, the songs on Band of Brothers range from the introspective ("The Wall" and "Send Me a Picture") to the rollicking ("Wives and Girlfriends" and "Used To Her").

Rounding out the album are five songs, penned by others, which compliment and unite the album's sonic textures and lyric themes. Included are Willie's interpretations of Vince Gill's "Whenever You Come Around", Billy Joe Shaver's "The Git Go" (a duet with Jamey Johnson) and the appropriately-titled "Songwriter," written by Gordie Sampson and Bill Anderson.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Jon Wolfe "It All Happened Live in a Honky Tonk from Floore's Country Store Year Of Release: 2013

Jon Wolfe - It All Happened Live in a Honky Tonk from Floore's Country Store (2013)

Country singer and songwriter Jon Wolfe favors traditional country with just enough contemporary kick to sound both timeless and current, not unlike George Strait or Alan Jackson, and, at his best, he makes it all seem easy and natural. Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wolfe grew up listening to church music and vocal pop artists like Frank Sinatra, but once he heard the hybrid country of Garth Brooks, he realized his dream was to sing country music. He completely reorganized his life to take a shot at it, leaving his successful job as a trader at the Chicago commodities exchange (where he states he was "the only guy on the trading floor in cowboy boots") to sing country. Against large odds, Wolfe actually pulled it off, going on to open for national acts like Dwight Yoakam, Merle Haggard, and Asleep at the Wheel, among others. He independently released an album, Almost Gone, in 2005, before signing with Midas Records a year later in 2006. Wolfe's first nationally released album, It All Happened in a Honky Tonk, appeared in 2010.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tobacco Rd Band"Rock This Truck" 2014

Tobacco Rd Band - Rock This Truck (2014)
The Tobacco Rd Band (TRB) is an American musical group that specializes in country-rock. The band, which is based in Tallahassee, Florida, consists of lead singer and songwriter Eric Durrance, lead guitarist Lex Vance, bass player Aaron Halford and drummer Joe Markham.

The Tobacco Rd Band was founded in 2010 by Eric Durrance, who had previously been the lead singer with the acclaimed Christian rock band Big Dismal, which Rolling Stone once named one of “Five Christian Bands on the Rise.”

After Big Dismal broke up, Durrance began performing solo, and was selected to tour with Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum as part of Country Music Television's “CMT on Tour” in 2008. Durrance later formed TRB with his friend, lead guitarist Lex Vance. With its hard-driving sound coupled with Durrance’s reputation from his years with Big Dismal, TRB quickly amassed a large fan base throughout the South.

In early 2012, TRB released its debut EP titled “Where the Girls Are,” which consisted of six tracks: “Where the Girls Are,” “Jesus & Guns,” “All About Me Today,” “There’s No Such Thing as Goodbye” and “Dear Life.” Shortly thereafter, the band released the single “That’s Country,” featuring a guest performance by Colt Ford, who also appears in the accompanying music video.

In the summer of 2013, Durrance became the first artist to sign with Silvercreek Records, a new label in Nashville, which was founded by two Nashville music industry veterans—songwriter Stafond Seago and songwriter, producer and plugger Steve Pope. The Tobacco Rd Band is currently working on its first album under the Silvercreek banner.

Eric Huff - American Boy (2014)

Eric Huff - American Boy (2014)
Eric Huff's music is often described as modernized, traditional country music. His new album, "American Boy," reflects the style of country music adopted and loved by the Baby Boomer generation, both through the music and the artwork. The album will be released physically on June 21st and digitally on June 17th. The album release party is June 21st at the Leesburg Music Festival in Ohio.

Eric Huff was born in Ohio, where he began playing the guitar at the age of thirteen. In the beginning, he concentrated on Rock and Roll, later becoming interested in Country, which he has performed exclusively since. Huff began, and continues, his touring career in Clean Cut Country Concerts as well as many festival and charity events. Huff has also entertained at several Nashville clubs, Shotgun Red Show, and the General Jackson Show Boat.

"American Boy" was produced by Perry Music Group, which is run by the sons of legendary Nashville songwriter Wayne Perry. Bryan Wayne Perry, Wayne's oldest son, serves as Project Manager on the release. Justin Wayne Jones, Wayne Perry's protégé, produced the album at the famous Dark Horse Recording Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, while Dave Hagen served as engineer and Cecil Meade, Huff's manager, served an instrumental role to bring the production group together.

The new album features three Wayne Perry songs as well as original Huff material and a few crowd-pleasing contributions by other writers. Many people feel the Baby Boomer generation's biggest contribution to both American and World culture is music – notably through the genres Country, Rhythm and Blues, and Rock and Roll. These styles have stood the test of time, becoming established in people's lives over decades. Today's rapidly changing technology has flooded the music world with new niches that often don't see the success of these more established genres. Huff is well known for delivering the best by traditional Country music standards.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Texas Twister "Natural Disaster"

Don't let the name Texas Twister fool ya. Texas Twister is based out of Spokane Washington.
And are a local favorite when it comes down to Honky Tonking country music.
Started in 2010 by Frontman and bass player Rusty Brown.The band started playing pretty
much on call week to week at the Wagon Wheel in Medical Lake Washington. In 2011
they started playing more of the local honky tonks but The Buckhorn would become their home
for the next 4 years on Thursdays. Rusty declared it Honky Tonk Thursdays and the name stuck.
The band placed 6th in the Best of Spokane local bands in 2012 and played the Cheney Rodeo and a outdoor music fest and the Rodeo grounds that same year. The Twisters blew all the way to the Stateline to play for the crowd @ Big Al's Grand ol' Opry and then pushed into Post Falls,Idaho where they were in the Slab Inns Country Jamboree rotation. 2013 they were voted best Wedding band by Spokane's A list and were featured on KPTQ 1280 AM SPOKANE SALOON. 2014 has arrived and in February Texas Twister released its first CD self titled, Natural Disaster and were featured in the Inlander Events local newspaper.
If that ain't enough for a quote,"Local Band", how bout the fans. Called the Storm Chasers these folks are honest, hard working,fun loving, red blooded Americans loyal to the cause. Proudly displaying their Storm Wear T shirts.
They are easy to spot with the F5 on the front and the State of Texas on back. If your Storm Chasing best get some coverage.Storm Wear T Shirts got ya covered. Wanna get yer Chase on?

Monday, 9 June 2014

Matt Woods"With Love From Brushy Mountain"2014

Matt Woods – With Love From Brushy Mountain (2014) 
The first thing you'll notice is the voice. Matt Woods has a robust, vibrato-heavy baritone that is unmistakably country. His drawl is neither muted nor faked, and it's twangy as hell. He sounds good singing smooth and steady or letting it rip, his timbre becoming ragged and strained. His is an unforgettable set of pipes.
The next thing that sticks out is the songwriting. Or maybe that's the first thing. They are both more than notable, so you're right either way.
Matt's writing is truth. Period. Exclamation point. "It ain't no living, it's my life" he sings on With Love from Brushy Mountain's opener, a treatise on the road life of a singer. "I'll trade you a song for a beer" and there's no doubt some nights that's all he got paid and in the grand scheme of things, he didn't mind too much.
"Tiny Anchors" is a showcase of Woods' songwriting abilities. It's a subtle, insightful look into what are possibly last days of a relationship. But there's still some hope. "Hang on with me" he pleads.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Vernon Oxford (b. June 8, 1941, (Rogers, Arkansas)

                                            Vernon Oxford (b. June 8, 1941, (Rogers, Arkansas)

 Oxford was raised in Wichita, Kansas, where his father played old-time fiddle. He began playing professionally in Utah in 1960, mostly playing in the Kansas area in the early 1960s, then relocated to Nashville in 1964. In 1965 he met Harlan Howard, who got him signed to RCA Victor and helped him find material to record. He then released seven singles and one LP, Woman Let Me Sing You a Song; none of them charted, and he was soon dropped from RCA.

His career saw a resurgence in Britain, where he was first rediscovered in the middle of the 1970s. A best-of was issued there in 1974, and RCA signed him again to tour there. His hit singles "Shadows of My Mind", "Redneck (The Redneck National Anthem)", and "A Good Old Fashioned Saturday Night Honky Tonk Barroom Brawl" (U.S. Country No. 55, 1977) reinvigorated his career in America; in Britain, he was well known for "I've Got to Get Peter Off Your Mind" and "Field of Flowers" After a break of several years, he began a career as a gospel singer in 1981.

Eric Heatherly

Eric Heatherly - Painkillers (2012) 
Singer/songwriter Eric Heatherly grew up listening to country, rockabilly, and classic rock artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, and Roy Orbison, whose influences shaped his music while he was still a child. Heatherly began writing songs at eight and was performing by the time he reached his early teens, the Chattanooga native played with numerous bands through his high school and college years. After moving to Nashville, Heatherly made himself a fixture of the local music scene, which led to endorsements with Fender and Takamine guitars, as well as a gig in Shania Twain's band for her appearance on the 1997 CMA Awards Show. He recorded his 2000 debut album, Swimming in Champagne, with famed Nashville producer Keith Stegall. While the album spawned a hit single, "Flowers On The Wall", the album was released just as his label, Mercury Records, underwent a regime change while their parent company was in the midst of a merger. Mercury didn't promote Swimming in Champagne into a commercial success, and the label opted not to release his follow-up album. After leaving Mercury, Dreamworks signed Heatherly in 2003, and scheduled the release of his third album, Sometimes It's Just Your Time, for the fall of that year. However, while promotional copies of the disc were sent out to the press, Dreamworks pulled the album from release at the last moment, and it never received commercial distribution. Frustrated with the major label scene, Heatherly struck out on his own, and recorded his next release, 2005's The Lower East Side of Life, for his own NashVegas label, with distribution through Koch Nashville.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

: Kelly Pettit - Every Sunrise 2014

Kelly Pettit - Every Sunrise (2014) 
How does this west coast Canada born musician wind up in Japan doing national shows, festivals, theme parks and shows for the Canadian Embassy? Kelly Pettit's life as a musician has taken him to over 4 countries. On his 6th and latest album titled “Every Sunrise”, Kelly showcases exactly what makes him so alluring.
Dual citizenship with Australia, Kelly started busking there at age 19 to support him on his backpack travels and quickly learned that entertaining and playing well got him more success. So he practiced hard with everyone he could to learn from.
Later while attending university in Vancouver Canada, his 3 piece band got one of 15 licenses to legally busk at BC transit stations where transients would gather around the trio watching their show, often missing their rides to continue listening. From there, Kelly's trio picked up a heap of gigs from passer-by's including political functions, TV series parties, venues and more. It also led to a free trip to Japan where Kelly fell in love with the laughs and crazy adventures the foreign country provided.
Pettit's newest release “Every Sunrise” was recorded in Nashville Tennessee and produced by Aussie 90's icon Greg Arnold. After recording his 5th solo album "These Days" in Australia Kelly embarked to the States to explore the Nashville scene. The outcome is a jackpot of catchy tunes with a strong nostalgic ache of real life. A couple listens and one finds themselves in an emotional roller-coaster ride of happiness and loss in 11 songs and 38 minutes.
Kelly's past success from his 4th album FUEL launched him a large fan base by winning a $200,000 contest, song of the month awards, radio play and more. Guest appearances from old band member Cory Churko (Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson musician) added a familiar sound their 3 piece had back in the day. This time, Kelly wanted to challenge himself more and thought Nashville might just be that key ingredient. Competitive in nature, Kelly always feels an urge to do what he can to up-the-game. On Every Sunrise, producer and award winning songwriter Greg Arnold seemed to know exactly how to unleash Kelly's ideas and polish them into well-crafted radio ready songs.
Influenced largely by Australian bands like Crowded House, Things of Stone and Wood, and Paul Kelly, along with North American counterparts The Jayhawks, Barenaked Ladies, and the Counting Crows, Kelly works to define a sound all his own and a dedication to each detail of the songwriting process. “My influences are quite diverse and that seems to show on the album. What’s constant is my attempt to find catchy melodies and happy instruments”, says Kelly.
The CD starts of with the song "Perfectly Beautiful" which is just that. With lines like, "There ain't no formula or sum, no recipe or rule of thumb to explain how I feel" is part of why this song oozes with charm. The following song "Follow Me" is a more pop rock vibe with catchy hooks laced throughout. One of those songs that you find yourself singing later in the day away from the album. Then there is the title track "Every Sunrise" which as one fan put it, "...the perfect song for a Vampire love movie". The chorus is as catchy as they come. "It Could Be Yours" just might be the first single off this album. "Tears Carved in Stone" introduces the Turkish guitar called the "Cumpus" which adds a very cool vibe to an already feel good tune. The last song "Road to London" is a Celtic spice of story telling that has made the hairs stand up on some listeners.
"Every Sunrise" could fit into several genres making it a great album for both Country and rock fans. This is undoubtedly Kelly Pettit's best effort so far. His last album "These Days" was strong and so it's pleasing to say that this album surprising surpasses expectations. It clearly puts Kelly in an elite league of genuine songwriters and it is a must listen - even as early as every sunrise.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Ben & Carmen Steneker - Remember Me

Ben & Carmen Steneker - Remember Me (2013)
 One of the most captivating acts doing American style country music in Europe, is without a doubt Ben & Carmen Steneker, a father-daughter duo that has captured the hearts and minds of just about everyone that hears them sing. Ben has been a mind-catcher on both sides of the Atlantic for many many years, captivating American fans as well as European. Daughter Carmen grew up listening to her father sing, as well as his many friends that performed with and for him in his own club in Holland. Yes, Holland. That's where Ben and Carmen are from. It's continually amazing to hear this delightful duo sing songs that have an immediate 'connect' to what real traditional and classic country music is all about. You hear it instantly when the accordion breaks out the beautiful song "Come Back To Ireland." The harmony by father-daughter just simply cannot be topped. Dutch country music songwriter Dick van Altena contributes three amazing songs to this CD project. It continually amazes me that this combination of Dutch songwriter and Dutch singers can capture the spirit and soul of what country music is all about. Ben's voice is better than ever, and the incredible 'touch' Carmen adds to it is amazing. Backing music is also incredibly good throughout this entire project. The title song "Remember Me" starts softly with a harp-sounding intro, letting simplicity take the listener to the ultimate of sophistication. My favorite song of all the great songs on this album is "My Dixie Darling," without a doubt. Done to perfection, the harmony is exactly as it should be by Appalachian standards, or Alabama, or Georgia, or Mississippi, or Florida, or wherever you might be in the southern United States. Perfect guitar pickin' and a stunning background Dobro. The whole CD speaks loudly of the professionalism and devotion this pair of country singers has for this genre of music. Holland should be very proud of these excellent vocalists and performers of a musical genre that rings and sings around the world. I also like the closing song "Victorie In View" which was written by Ben and Carmen and has some great honky-tonk piano in it

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mandy Barnett – Sweet Dreams (2011)

Mandy Barnett – Sweet Dreams (2011) 
Born Amanda Carol Barnett, Mandy Barnett began singing as a child, winning the Best Country Act at Dollywood when she was only ten, and her mother started bringing her on trips to Nashville. As a teenager, she was signed by renowned talent scout and producer Jimmy Bowen, and eventually Asylum Records. An uncompromising singer whose style was rooted in the classic country of Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Webb Pierce, and Brenda Lee, Barnett's keen interpretive sense enabled her to delve into a song, study the intricacies of its emotional content, and render a powerful performance through her full-bodied voice. Her torchy delivery on her contemporary yet retro-sounding country and pop-tinged material recalled Patsy Cline, so it's no wonder that, while waiting to record her self-titled debut, she paid her bills by playing the legendary singer four nights a week and 26 weeks a year in the musical production Always...Patsy Cline at the Ryman Auditorium. She left Asylum for Sire Records with 1999's I've Got a Right to Cry. Winter Wonderland, a holiday album featuring a vintage Nashville sound, appeared from Rounder Records in 2010, followed by Sweet Dreams on Opry Records in 2011.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Moot Davis - Goin' in Hot (2014)

Moot Davis' fourth album Goin' In Hot finds the singer/songwriter/guitarist hitting a new peak. After three retro country-based albums that drew favorable comparisons to Hank Williams Sr. and Dwight Yoakam, Davis shifts gears from honky tonk towards roadhouse rock. The album's 13 offerings range from songs lamenting loss to wild hip shakers. Goin' In Hot also features a duet with red hot New West Records' artist Nikki Lane.

NPR hails Moot Davis as ''A Rocker With A Honky-Tonk Heart'' and Entertainment Today describes him as ''primed to be the leader in the new insurgent country music scene.''

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Carlene Carter - Carter Girl (2014)

Carter Girl, set for release April 8, is the first album of new recordings this decade from Americana legend Carlene Carter. Produced by Don Was, Carter Girl is, in a very literal way, Carlene's personal homage to the Carter Family legacy that both underpins so much of America's music and is part of her own DNA. The album revisits both classic Carter Family repertoire as well as original songs that reflect Carlene's direct connection to her roots. Willie Nelson guests on Troublesome Waters and Kris Kristofferson joins Carlene on Black Jack David while the unmistakable voice of Vince Gill is heard harmonizing on Lonesome Valley 2003. Blackie's Gunman is a duet with Elizabeth Cook, whom Carlene likes to think of as her adopted sister Carter Cousin Lorrie Carter Bennett and Carlene's husband Joe Breen. Musicians on the sessions included Jim Keltner, Rami Jaffee, Greg Leisz, Sam Bush, Mickey Raphael, Blake Mills as well as Don Was on bass. The guitar of the late Cowboy Jack Clement is heard on I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow and there are vocal contributions from generations past -- Carlene's aunts Helen and Anita Carter as well as her mom, June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash on the chorus of I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow-- that make Carter Girl an evocative collection, bringing music history to life for contemporary listeners.

Rodney Crowell - Tarpaper Sky (2014)

Rodney Crowell - Tarpaper Sky (2014) 
Esteemed musician, songwriter and author Rodney Crowell has teamed up with New West Records to release Tarpaper Sky, his new self-produced album. It comes fast on the heels of Old Yellow Moon, Crowell s critically lauded collaboration with Emmylou Harris, which won a 2013 Grammy® Award and was named 2013 Album of the Year by the Americana Music Association.
Crowell has pushed the boundaries of country, folk and roots music since long before the term Americana was coined as a genre, making a name for himself and gaining respect as both a songwriter and as an artist. Celebrating 40 years of making music, Crowell has created an album that harkens back to some of his most revered and loved works. Tarpaper Sky would sit comfortably on the shelf right between the chart-topping fan favorite Diamonds and Dirt (1988) and Life Is Messy (1992). This album marks a reunion of the creative partnership of Crowell and musical accomplice Steuart Smith, who was an integral part of his overall sound during the late 80s.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ronnie Dunn "Peace love and country"

Bass player and vocalist Ronnie Dunn (born Ronnie Gene Dunn) joined Louisiana-born Leon Eric "Kix" Brooks to create the most successful country music duo of the 1990s. Their debut album, Brand New Man, released in 1991, sold more than six million copies, while their first two singles — "Brand New Man" and "My Next Broken Heart," their first songwriting collaboration, reached the top position on Billboard's country music charts. In addition to 20 chart-topping tunes, they've placed an additional 21 songs in the Top Ten. The recipients of Entertainer of the Year awards from the Country Music Association in 1996 and the Academy of Country Music in 1995 and 1996, Brooks & Dunn shared Duo of the Year honors from the CMA for eight consecutive years, and from the ACM for seven consecutive years (their non-consecutive wins place the total even higher and they are the most awarded act in The Academy of Country Music's history).
The son of a country music enthusiast, Dunn was born in Coleman, Texas, and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Playing in bands since his teens, he briefly studied psychology and theology at Abilene Christian College. Expelled from the school for "performing in honky tonks," he continued to attract attention with his Tulsa nightclub performances. Although Dunn recorded several tunes for Churchill Records in 1983 and 1984, none provided a breakthrough. He fared much better four years later, when an appearance in the Marlboro National Country Music talent contest led to an opportunity to record in Nashville. Brought together with Brooks, who despite writing songs for Crystal Gayle and the Oak Ridge Boys had found little success with his own recordings (by Tim DuBois), Dunn finally discovered a formula for success.
Brooks & Dunn’s 1991 debut, Brand New Man, was a hit right from its release, launching a career that proved to be one of the most successful in contemporary country music. Ronnie Dunn played with Kix Brooks for nearly two decades, and during that time they were always at the top of the country charts, racking up an astonishing 20 number one singles during that time. The duo announced an amicable split in 2009 followed by a farewell tour in 2010. Dunn was the first of the pair to launch a solo career, releasing a self-produced eponymous solo album in the summer of 2011. Ronnie Dunn debuted at number one on the U.S. country charts and had a Top Ten single in "Bleed Red."

Monday, 7 April 2014

SHANE MORKIN new album"Craz y ‘bout You"

2013 press at the release for the album Crazy ‘bout You
Shane Morkin
is a singer-songwriter from Denmark.
Despite that Shane Morkin has been playing
for many years at gigs and festivals, and has
been writing more than 100 songs the last 10
years, then he didn't start to record his songs
before in 2011, where he was number 4 at
the Hard Rock Rising competition in
Copenhagen at the Hard Rock Cafe.
This was not enough to get a record contract,
but gave Shane the faith to keep on his work,
and he have now made his next step and
created his first CD.
Besides the hits ‘Dusty Road’ and ‘One More Time’ the CD contains 10 more songs
which all are written by Shane Morkin.
In 'The King Minion Music Podcast' they said: “When I first heard the song "Crazy 'bout
You" I played it again, then again then again. I was hearing the tune in my sleep. Audio
infectiousness that’s what I call it. Shane Morkin from Denmark and his song ‘Crazy
‘bout You’ are catchy. He is a pop/rock/country artist yet I get chills and hear shades of
“The Kinks” in this song.”
A recent review of his first album "Crazy 'bout You" described him thus: "it's not
country, it's not rock or pop, it's Shane Morkin who is bringing his own brand of rock
and roll to the public".
When listening to the CD you soon discover that you have come in the company of a
number of well-written ballads and pop tunes which is characterized by a love of both
country music, 60s music and legends like Traveling Wilburys.
Shane Morkin's new album 'Crazy 'bout You' is released the 2.nd of December, 2013
and the album is produced by the well-known Henrik Skriver who has produced music
for several big Danish artists the last 30 years as well as he has been playing in the
former Poul Krebs Band.
To listen to some tracks or to get some more info about Shane Morkin, then visit:

The New CD Can you get here Digital, including via the Itunes and Spotify Or As a Physical CD, AS Can be ordered by Shane one epost In the address  shane.morkin @ for 100 DKK +poto
 Det nye album ligger på Spotify:

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Theresa Rose Riley - Hold On (2013)

Theresa Rose Riley - Hold On (2013) 
Theresa Rose Riley is ready to tell her story…Her Independently produced debut album, "Hold On," will be released March 19th 2013. She considers the body of work, "A woman's life set to music." Her dynamic, powerful, soulful, and distinct vocals deliver her story with a dose of truth and grit that will leave listeners wanting more.
About the album, Riley says, "At different times in my life, I've felt it all. I have loved, left, won, lost, laughed, cried, changed my mind, and made mistakes over and over and over…Just like many women. So the tug-of-war of songs that I sing on this album is something that makes me who I am.”In the title track, penned by Riley and manager/producer Jerry Brightman, she sings about the experience of reaching a crossroads in a marriage. "It's about a tough situation, where you say, 'Hold on a minute, here. It's not time to give up and walk away…It's time to fight and hold on to what's important.' But in the same token,” Riley added, “Sometimes on a bad day we are ready to run away screaming! We're human, so it's hard to combat the urge of 'fight or flight!' I wrote, 'Miss Me' about that very situation when you realize that life keeps going when you cut your losses and move on." The songs are polar opposites, but Riley considers them both relevant to every woman. "At different times in our lives, we may feel both ways.”
Other stand outs on the album are, "I Am Love," a ballad delivered with sweetness and mature honesty, "I'm Only Lonely For You," and "Tell Your Story Walking" written by Toni Jolene Clay. One of Riley's favorites on the album is, "Scarecrow," by Eric Paslay and Nicolle Galyon. "When I initially heard the song, it reminded me of growing up and getting into trouble on the back roads in Medina County. Although I may be a grown up now, it makes me smile to think about those days. I had to record it!"
Writing 2 of the ten songs on her album, Theresa continues to write and is ready to continue that process. "I've finally found the confidence to do what I love and share it with the world. Up until recently, I was absolutely terrified to share anything I had written with a single soul." That fear held Riley back for several years. In fact, in her high school days, Theresa tells us that she was even afraid to sing alone in front of others. After solo performances in choir at Highland High School in rural Medina, Ohio, she would often become physically ill immediately following a performance. "It was awful…I knew I had talent, but I was crippled with fear,” she says about those times. “ I even gave up on going to college to become a music teacher because I ran out of the entrance audition." It wasn't until her early 20's, when she joined her first cover band that Theresa started to become confident enough to come out of her shell.
Fast forward a decade and anyone you ask that has seen her perform would never believe that Theresa Rose Riley ever struggled with a confidence issue. For the last few years, she has fronted Cleveland Ohio favorite country band, The Caliber Band. Her impulsive, fun, sometimes playful, yet stage-commanding performances have been entertaining audiences all over the state of Ohio. "Performing with the wonderful guys in the band has really brought me into my true self. I now feel more normal and more alive on stage than I do off stage. The only other thing that can top the feeling of singing in front of a crowd is the feeling of cuddling with my fabulous 4 year old daughter, Abbey." With an extremely supportive husband, group of family and friends on her side, a new chapter in this woman's life is about to begin. "I've been lucky enough to have doors continue to open for me in my life and I'm at the point now, where I'm finally not afraid to walk in each one as it opens."
So, Theresa Rose Riley is ready to share her story with you… and so it begins

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Kevin Fowler - How Country Are Ya?

Kevin Fowler - How Country Are Ya? (2014) 

"It's COUNTRY that's rockin'. The kinda music makes you wanna crack a cold one...and put a good dip in." Those words are spoken on the "Intro" for How Country Are Ya?, the sixth album from Kevin Fowler, the Texas singer who made a specialty out of rocking hardcore country hard. His amplifiers are cranked and he drops references to Mötley Crüe, but Fowler is a dyed-in-the-wool Texas honky tonker, cranking out drinking songs and slower ones suited for inevitable hangovers. Fowler has two great gifts: first, he sounds like the guy you'd meet in your local bar, the kind who would coax a round or two out of your wallet; second, he has a gift for turning clichés into full-fledged songs. These two talents are intertwined, helping him feel like your favorite local singer, but Fowler always dodges the pedestrian thanks to his humor, eye for detail, and casual sense of adventure. He pretty much sticks to the straight and narrow here, blasting out an ode to "Guitars and Guns" and pleading that somebody "Beer Me," but he also effectively conjures mariachi on "Borracho Grande" and does a bit of a back-porch blues shuffle on "Chicken Wing," not to mention throwing in a rampaging instrumental worthy of Brad Paisley on "Mousturdonus." Fowler makes it seem easy, which, combined with his decidedly regional appeal, may be why he's underrated: he's not flashy and he stays within his wheelhouse, but he knocks out records as satisfying as How Country Are Ya? on a regular basis, and that's worth something. It could be argued it's worth a lot.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

David Nail - I'm A Fire (2014)

David Nail - I'm A Fire (2014) 

This third album from sports-loving, Missouri-born country music star David Nail follows his 2011-released The Sound of a Million Dreams. Just as on that record, Texan Frank Liddell contributed to the production of I'm a Fire, and here he is assisted by Mark Knopfler collaborators Chuck Ainlay and Glenn Worf. The number one Billboard Country Airplay single "Whatever She's Got" opens the proceedings, while a duet with Lee Ann Womack on the classic Jimmy Webb-penned "Galveston" closes the album.

Jenna Torres - A Womans Touch (2014

Jenna Torres - A Womans Touch (2014)

Hailing from the Big Apple, you might not exactly have Jenna Torres that high atop a list of potential Country Music singers, but that’s the magic that sometimes comes from a place that you’re not expecting. Torres definitely delivers on her latest release, serving notice to the musical world that she is a force to be reckoned with.
Whether it be a power ballad or a up-tempo rocker, Torres succeeds quite often on A Woman’s Touch, with each cut showcasing a different layer or aspect to her vocal talents. Among the former, some of the strongest performances come on the evocative and passionate “That’s The Kind Of Love,” which describes in beautiful detail the kind of relationship we’d all like to have. She turns breathy and seductive on “One Good Outlaw,” and knocks one out of the ballpark on the appealing “Man In A Cage.”
But, Torres can also turn up the tempo, as well. She does this to nice effect on the exciting title cut, as well as recent single “22.” Al in all, she has assembled quite a collection on this album – one that we hope will garner some well-deserved attention. Write down the name, folks. You’re going to be hearing it a lot!