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SHANE MORKIN new album"Craz y ‘bout You"

2013 press at the release for the album Crazy ‘bout You
Shane Morkin
is a singer-songwriter from Denmark.
Despite that Shane Morkin has been playing
for many years at gigs and festivals, and has
been writing more than 100 songs the last 10
years, then he didn't start to record his songs
before in 2011, where he was number 4 at
the Hard Rock Rising competition in
Copenhagen at the Hard Rock Cafe.
This was not enough to get a record contract,
but gave Shane the faith to keep on his work,
and he have now made his next step and
created his first CD.
Besides the hits ‘Dusty Road’ and ‘One More Time’ the CD contains 10 more songs
which all are written by Shane Morkin.
In 'The King Minion Music Podcast' they said: “When I first heard the song "Crazy 'bout
You" I played it again, then again then again. I was hearing the tune in my sleep. Audio
infectiousness that’s what I call it. Shane Morkin from Denmark and his song ‘Crazy
‘bout You’ are catchy. He is a pop/rock/country artist yet I get chills and hear shades of
“The Kinks” in this song.”
A recent review of his first album "Crazy 'bout You" described him thus: "it's not
country, it's not rock or pop, it's Shane Morkin who is bringing his own brand of rock
and roll to the public".
When listening to the CD you soon discover that you have come in the company of a
number of well-written ballads and pop tunes which is characterized by a love of both
country music, 60s music and legends like Traveling Wilburys.
Shane Morkin's new album 'Crazy 'bout You' is released the 2.nd of December, 2013
and the album is produced by the well-known Henrik Skriver who has produced music
for several big Danish artists the last 30 years as well as he has been playing in the
former Poul Krebs Band.
To listen to some tracks or to get some more info about Shane Morkin, then visit:

The New CD Can you get here Digital, including via the Itunes and Spotify Or As a Physical CD, AS Can be ordered by Shane one epost In the address  shane.morkin @ for 100 DKK +poto
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