Friday, 27 December 2013

Brian Mallery

Brian Mallery

Mallery , has received air play acrossed Canada and overseas with his first CD Focused recorded in 1997 with country music veteran Gary Buck in Nashville Tenn . Mallery , has just released his 2nd CD entitled "Message From Above" in September 2004 . The first single "Won't Live Long" is a rockin country tune to get your feet moving . This CD has received rave reviews from country music magazine's acrossed the Country. Brian has been performing since the age of six with dreams of making it big someday and too take his entertaining to the next level in 1997 when he released his debut album "Focused", recorded in Nashville Tennessee and in 2004 releasing his second album "Message From Above", recorded at Studio Belivo here in NB that album got him nominations for Country Recording of the year ECMA 2005 and album reviews from all over the world were fantastic it looked like Brian’s dreams were becoming a reality.

CD List:
1997 - Brian mallery - Focused
2007 - Brian Mallery - Message From Above
2011 - Brian Mallery - Living My Dream
2013 - Brian Mallery - Legends

Brian Mallery  LEGENDS in April 2013. The album is a collection of cover songs and are some of Brian's favourite Legends songs. Brian always wanted to do an album like this honouring his favourite country legends like, George Jones, Conway Twitty, Vern Gosdin, Charley Pride, Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard and others.
The album is a gem and contains 16 songs. Brian is at his best and does a perfect job on all songs. Fans always asked Brian to sing some french songs, and answer to their to their request, he included two french songs on the CD. He also included two duets, one with Brenda Doiron and one with Wesley Dennis.
Here are the 16 song titles:
If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong-I Never Go Around Mirrors-Today I Started Loving You Again-Don't Call Him A Cowboy-Old Flames-If There's A Phone In Heaven-All I Have To Offer You-Tight Fittin Jeans-I'm Over You-Lay You Down-Don't Cry Joni (Duet with Brenda Doiron)-If Drinking Don't Kill Me-Brotherly Love (Duet with Wesley Dennis)-I Told You So-Mon Buddy Jack-Mon Coeur Qui Dechire