Friday, 20 December 2013

Brady Honeycutt - Nothin To Lose (2013)

Artist: Brady Honeycutt
Title Of Album: Nothin To Lose
Year Of Release: 2013

 Without a doubt, country music has been a big part of this young mans life. At a young age, Brady was introduced to Traditional Country Music and Western Swing and now loves listening, playing and writing that style of music. The enjoyment of taking the stage and watching people dance and have a good time is a high he can't get enough of. Brady has loved to sing and play country tunes since he was a little boy. His first live appearance/performance on stage (at 5 years old) was with Western Swing Hall of Fame Singer/Fiddle player Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys in Midland, Texas. Now he travels from dancehall-to-dancehall singing and playing, enjoying every minute of the performance. His first album "Nothin' To Lose" will be released early summer of 2013. The album includes both original music written by Brady Honeycutt himself, as well as cover tunes that he grew up loving! If you are a fan of traditional country dance music, western swing, this is the cd for you!