Sunday, 22 December 2013

                                                      Jesse Jones
                                            Album - One Memory for the Road 2013
Music in Northeast Alabama Seems to be as fertile as the soil , as fresh as the air and as refreshing as water drawn from a cool mountain stream . Jesse Jones knows this all too well . Jones 's first recollection of Country music as a very young farm boy Was That of the voice of Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys coming from the old radio in the front room of a shotgun shack . Jones was drawn to the stories of the Country songs I heard at an early age . I Knew That I wanted to write songs like the one's I've heard on late night Radio stations like WSM in Nashville and WBAP in Fort Worth. Jones's musical interests Were not limited to the radio .... It was literally in his bloodline . His paternal grandmother 's family , The Wootten family from Sand Mountain, Alabama Were Well Known Sacred Harp singers and continue the tradition even today . Jones's ancestors Have Been Continuing the craft of "shape note" singing for more than 150 years . But Jones was drawn more and more to the honky tonk country sound THROUGHOUT his life . Artists like Darrell McCall, Tony Booth and Johnny Bush impacted his songwriting style in the late 1960 's Incorporating a Texas feel to the Already Folk / Gospel upbringing I had in the mountains of Northeast Alabama. In this 10 -song collection , Jones finds himself as the artist and songwriter . Although Jones has written much of this project , I have to pays homage other songwriters like Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry who are from the same farm soil as Jones himself . One For The Road Memory is nothing but hardcore honky tonk country from a songwriter from the school of Haggard, Jones and Putman . Turn it up , pop the top and enjoy fertile , fresh, cleansing power of Country traditionalism Jesse Jones -style.