Sunday, 9 February 2014

new cd North 40 Title Of Album:" Sing Your Own Song"

North 40 - Sing Your Own Song (2014) 
Rhymetown Entertaintment’s country duo, North 40, made up of Paige Logan and Heather Looney, do a grand job with their debut album, “Sing Your Own Song.”
Writing or co-writing all 13 songs on their album, there is a great balance between slower ballads and upbeat feel good songs. Their second single off the album “Tell Me Something Good” was the #1 most streamed and #1 most downloaded track on PLAYmpe this past weekend.
“Tell Me Something Good” was written by Paige and Heather after a day of having to deal with bad news regarding a family member’s health. Paige explains “Heather and I were writing that day and after I finally put my phone down, I turned to her and pleaded, ‘Will you just tell me something good?!’ She looked me square in the eyes, took my hand in hers and said, ‘I’m gonna tell you something good, we’re gonna write that.’” Despite the sad inspiration, the song has a great energy, a fun beat, and excellent lyrics. Its no surprise why it’s their second single.
“Hey Girl Hey,” their first single off the album, is an energetic song that will bring women together dancing and singing along. Paige explained to, It was “written as a celebration for girl friendships. It’s a girl’s anthem.”
This album has a song for any mood you could be in.