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Theresa Rose Riley - Hold On (2013)

Theresa Rose Riley - Hold On (2013) 
Theresa Rose Riley is ready to tell her story…Her Independently produced debut album, "Hold On," will be released March 19th 2013. She considers the body of work, "A woman's life set to music." Her dynamic, powerful, soulful, and distinct vocals deliver her story with a dose of truth and grit that will leave listeners wanting more.
About the album, Riley says, "At different times in my life, I've felt it all. I have loved, left, won, lost, laughed, cried, changed my mind, and made mistakes over and over and over…Just like many women. So the tug-of-war of songs that I sing on this album is something that makes me who I am.”In the title track, penned by Riley and manager/producer Jerry Brightman, she sings about the experience of reaching a crossroads in a marriage. "It's about a tough situation, where you say, 'Hold on a minute, here. It's not time to give up and walk away…It's time to fight and hold on to what's important.' But in the same token,” Riley added, “Sometimes on a bad day we are ready to run away screaming! We're human, so it's hard to combat the urge of 'fight or flight!' I wrote, 'Miss Me' about that very situation when you realize that life keeps going when you cut your losses and move on." The songs are polar opposites, but Riley considers them both relevant to every woman. "At different times in our lives, we may feel both ways.”
Other stand outs on the album are, "I Am Love," a ballad delivered with sweetness and mature honesty, "I'm Only Lonely For You," and "Tell Your Story Walking" written by Toni Jolene Clay. One of Riley's favorites on the album is, "Scarecrow," by Eric Paslay and Nicolle Galyon. "When I initially heard the song, it reminded me of growing up and getting into trouble on the back roads in Medina County. Although I may be a grown up now, it makes me smile to think about those days. I had to record it!"
Writing 2 of the ten songs on her album, Theresa continues to write and is ready to continue that process. "I've finally found the confidence to do what I love and share it with the world. Up until recently, I was absolutely terrified to share anything I had written with a single soul." That fear held Riley back for several years. In fact, in her high school days, Theresa tells us that she was even afraid to sing alone in front of others. After solo performances in choir at Highland High School in rural Medina, Ohio, she would often become physically ill immediately following a performance. "It was awful…I knew I had talent, but I was crippled with fear,” she says about those times. “ I even gave up on going to college to become a music teacher because I ran out of the entrance audition." It wasn't until her early 20's, when she joined her first cover band that Theresa started to become confident enough to come out of her shell.
Fast forward a decade and anyone you ask that has seen her perform would never believe that Theresa Rose Riley ever struggled with a confidence issue. For the last few years, she has fronted Cleveland Ohio favorite country band, The Caliber Band. Her impulsive, fun, sometimes playful, yet stage-commanding performances have been entertaining audiences all over the state of Ohio. "Performing with the wonderful guys in the band has really brought me into my true self. I now feel more normal and more alive on stage than I do off stage. The only other thing that can top the feeling of singing in front of a crowd is the feeling of cuddling with my fabulous 4 year old daughter, Abbey." With an extremely supportive husband, group of family and friends on her side, a new chapter in this woman's life is about to begin. "I've been lucky enough to have doors continue to open for me in my life and I'm at the point now, where I'm finally not afraid to walk in each one as it opens."
So, Theresa Rose Riley is ready to share her story with you… and so it begins