Thursday, 19 June 2014

Texas Twister "Natural Disaster"

Don't let the name Texas Twister fool ya. Texas Twister is based out of Spokane Washington.
And are a local favorite when it comes down to Honky Tonking country music.
Started in 2010 by Frontman and bass player Rusty Brown.The band started playing pretty
much on call week to week at the Wagon Wheel in Medical Lake Washington. In 2011
they started playing more of the local honky tonks but The Buckhorn would become their home
for the next 4 years on Thursdays. Rusty declared it Honky Tonk Thursdays and the name stuck.
The band placed 6th in the Best of Spokane local bands in 2012 and played the Cheney Rodeo and a outdoor music fest and the Rodeo grounds that same year. The Twisters blew all the way to the Stateline to play for the crowd @ Big Al's Grand ol' Opry and then pushed into Post Falls,Idaho where they were in the Slab Inns Country Jamboree rotation. 2013 they were voted best Wedding band by Spokane's A list and were featured on KPTQ 1280 AM SPOKANE SALOON. 2014 has arrived and in February Texas Twister released its first CD self titled, Natural Disaster and were featured in the Inlander Events local newspaper.
If that ain't enough for a quote,"Local Band", how bout the fans. Called the Storm Chasers these folks are honest, hard working,fun loving, red blooded Americans loyal to the cause. Proudly displaying their Storm Wear T shirts.
They are easy to spot with the F5 on the front and the State of Texas on back. If your Storm Chasing best get some coverage.Storm Wear T Shirts got ya covered. Wanna get yer Chase on?