Friday, 27 December 2013

Garth Brooks

It's been way too long since Garth Brooks sent a new song to country radio stations . Just more than five years when he released " Midnight Sun " in 2008. So I'd say the world is very, very ready for new music .
Brooks publican industry publication Country AIRCHECK all about when and if new stuff will be part of the 2014 comeback. He just sent his duet with his wife Trisha Yearwood " The Call " to radio, so he talked about why that song is so special two heavens .
"It's about that point in a relationship when you make the decision Whether what you have is worth fighting for , or is it just Easier to call it ' friends ' and live life from there , " Brooks said. " Everybody goes through this , Miss Yearwood and I were in the middle of it in 2002-03 . " The version playing on the radio now is just Brooks and Yearwood . Intentionally . There's no big band behind them .
"We tried cutting this song with a full band but kept going back to the Wynn performance where it's just like two people talking to each other . The echo -type piece in this is something I have not seen since ' Mockingbird ' with James Taylor and Carly Simon , "he said. "I love how unique this song sounds and when you bring it down to just two voices and a guitar , the conversation happens . "